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My portfolio includes projects across a wide range of animation categories, for example:


I work with leading global brands, charities and SMEs to create visuals for their concept ideas. Concepts can be difficult to translate to clients. Without the ability to visualise it, there is a risk your promising project will end at concept stage. An Explainer Video is a perfect way to showcase your concept exactly how it should be seen, and get your clients excited by the possibilities your idea will bring.


If you need a character brought to life in an animated commercial or promotional video, I have vast experience with broadcast projects. Part of character animation is about building a personality for the audience to love, relate to and enjoy. With my expertise, I can create a character to get your message across, and achieve the right response from your audience.


Design professionals and clients appoint me to create photorealistic renders for a wide range of visualisation projects. I create detailed models from CAD files or even sketches to make products come to life. Photorealistic renders allow you to show off your product in the perfect lighting and background to enhance the vision and the realisation of the product for your audience.

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